Lebanon Eyecare Associates provides thorough eye examinations.  Your vision testing begins with high tech computerized objective measurement of both your refractive error and the shape of the cornea or the front surface of your eye.  We then test your complete visual system to determine if, and what, lens prescription best suits your visual needs.  

Lebanon Eyecare Associates
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Next we examine your eyes for their health and to see if any diseases are present. We use the latest high tech instrumentation including ophthalmoscopes (to see the inside of your eyes), and tonometers (to measure the pressure in your eyes when testing for Glaucoma) and computerized visual fields (also testing for Glaucoma and many other eye conditions).
We always keep up-to-date in our continuing education and instrument testing technology.
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Our eye examination includes: 

Computerized Autorefraction
Computerized Keratometry
Visual Acuities - both distance and near
Eye Muscle Balance
Stereovision - depth perception
Color Vision
Prescription Determination
Ocular Health Evaluation including Goldmann Tonometry
Computerized Visual Fields - when indicated