Astigmatism:  This is when the vision at all distances is blurry or distorted.  In astigmatism the eye surface is shaped more like a football (not like a basketball) where the horizontal and vertical curvatures are different from each other, thus distorting the vision, somewhat oblong (where a circle looks more like an oval).

Presbyopia: Caused by a slow loss of flexibility within the lens inside your eye.  The typical onset is around age 40 to 45 years old, but sometimes varies.  These changes occur within the proteins in the lens making the lens harder and less elastic with time. Changes also take place in the muscle fibers surrounding the lens.  A prescription with a bifocal or progressive addition lenses (PAL) are the usual correction for presbyopia. Bifocal means two points of focus: the main or upper part of the spectacle lens contains a prescription for distance vision, while the lower portion of the lens has a different near prescription for close work.  Another alternative is reading glasses or a prescription "just for near".
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Myopia (Nearsighted):  This in when the vision at  distance (further away) is blurry.
Hyperopia (Farsighted):  This is when the vision at near or close (such as reading) is blurry.